Smarter methods

With over 20 years of experience in developing successful strategies, Radio Intelligence applies its proven methods to every project. This includes setting objectives and goals, asking the right questions, fielding with the highest quality control standards, presenting solutions, and creating a strategic plan to grow your audience.

Our tactical music and content research ensures that every minute of programming is focused on serving your target audience. We provide clear recommendations and collaborate with your team to fuel your success.

Strategic Market Studies

The foundation of success is a strong strategic plan that keeps your team on a focused path. Our strategic market study provides you with the intelligence to create a powerful strategic action plan help you reach your goals.

Online Music Tests

Online Music Tests is the most important tactical tool to grow a music station. Based on the target audience defined in the strategic study plan, the OMT focus in on the listeners that makes a difference to your ratings.

Weekly Song Tracking

Keeping up with the ever changing trends and life span of current hits is a huge task. Playing the right song at the right time is crucial. With our weekly or bi-weekly song tracking you will make the best informed decisions on music rotations. 

Content Tests

Over time Cassettes, CDs, MP3s and now music streaming challenged radio with non-stop music. What keeps listeners loyal to radio is what goes between the songs. Regular content testing keeps your personalities, features, and other content competitive.


The ultimate content test is the Moment-to-Moment study. It gives you a EKG style analysis of a show second-by-second. Watch instantly how listeners react to what they hear by turning volume up, or by “tuning out” (huh!).

Digital Strategies

With our Digital Strategic Studies, digital, online and social media provides you with new opportunities. Defend your share and explore new revenue streams. Lets together create winning strategies for your brands in the digital era.